SmartCard Simplicity Elevating Your Lifestyle with Ease

Goldcard optimizes your financial journey, encompassing everything from payments to business transactions.

Take control of your finances

Fiat Transactions

Spend 150+ traditional currencies with your Global Pay Card. Bank transfer exchange rates, typically 4-8% better than high street banks


Buy, sell, and spend crypto with one simple low rate. Quick wallet to wallet transfers, spend crypto using your Goldcard.

Payments in all simplicity

Payment requirements vary for each business. Whatever your specific needs may be, we’ve got the right solution for you.

Access Our Services Anytime, Anywhere

Goldcard® simplifies digital finance, making it effortlessly accessible and user-friendly for individuals and businesses alike.

Online Payments

Goldcard excels in online payments, offering a seamless, secure experience for both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Enjoy versatile payment options, whether with traditional currencies or digital assets, ensuring the utmost convenience and flexibility.

All Commerce

Goldcard: A versatile payment solution for all your commerce needs, supporting both fiat and crypto transactions. Seamlessly purchase across industries for convenience, security, and adaptability in the evolving digital payment landscape.

150+ Currencies

Goldcard supports 150+ fiat currencies, ensuring global convenience in transactions. Its wide currency coverage allows users to easily transact in their local currency, enhancing accessibility for a seamless payment experience worldwide.

Customer Support

Goldcard, a trusted financial services company, is renowned for its exceptional customer support. Their dedicated team promptly assists clients through various channels, expertly addressing inquiries and concerns with empathy, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Accumulate Real Cash Rewards

Earn actual cash rewards by referring friends to Goldcard. When your referrals sign up and utilize our services, you'll receive direct account payments. Share the benefits and reap the financial rewards of our Refer-a-Friend program.

Fast Crypto Liquidation

With Goldcard, effortlessly transform your crypto into traditional currencies. Liquidate your digital assets and conveniently utilize the proceeds through the Goldcard. Embrace the flexibility of accessing your crypto wealth for real-world transactions with ease and convenience.

Goldcard Virtual Card

One time joining fee
No monthly fees


Goldcard Plastic Card

One time joining fee
No monthly fees


Corporate Metal Card

One time joining fee
No monthly fees

Take complete decentralized control of your finances

Join the digtal revolution of finance today.

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